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Our offices are 20 minutes from the Las Vegas McCarran Airport, 25 minutes from the Henderson Jet Center.

Vegas is a great city to visit and a tour of the Aerovault facility is an awe-inspiring experience!

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If visiting us doesn’t quite fit your schedule, we’d be happy to give you a tour via Skype. Please call or email us to schedule a time to connect with Skype.

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CEO and President of Aerovault LLC


She’s towed more Aerovaults, more miles than anyone!

If you talk to us about an Aerovault, at some point you’re going to talk to Gayle. She’s been here since the inception of the trailers in 2008. She’s been involved in the design and the building of them and she’s talked to all of our Aerovault owners about their experiences (a lot of our enhancements come from her conversations with owners). In addition, she’s towed Aerovaults herself all throughout the U.S. and Canada, in every type of weather imaginable, from 115 degree heat to snow and ice. She’s towed Aerovault’s more than 146,000 miles and loves sharing her experiences and what she hears from other owners.