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I love this trailer!

It tows like a dream, loads easily, has storage galore and gets more attention than my cars!

Jeff, CA

It's been great!

As a manufacturer myself, when I saw the huge press brake at Aerovault used to bend the side panels I knew Aerovault was real and we just had to have one. It’s been great!

Bob, IL

Loading my Noble was unbelievably easy!

And I can do it on my own, which is just what I wanted.

Marc, CA

Loving this trailer!

Gayle, I love the trailer.

Tim, GA

love the trailer!

Have used it more than I thought I would have. It is fantastic.

Craig, FL

I'm Official!

Rick, NC

fuel mileage increased!

This owner towed with his v6 2011 Tacoma and found his fuel mileage increased from an average of around 9 to 10 mpg with the open trailer to 13 to 14 mpg with the Aerovault – or an increase of between 3 to 4 mpg overall.

the trailer pulled beatuifully!

Even on the occasional packed snow and ice we were driving on. I am very pleased with how beautiful and functional the interior of the trailer is, and I am sure I will marvel at the exterior too, once the ice melts off and I can see it!

Jeff, UT

towing over the sierras

I couldn’t even tell the Aerovault was there and my SUV got 18 mpg.

Bruce, Canada

towing the Aerovault makes my large rv rock steady!

In wind and I can drive my RV 10 mph faster when I’m towing it! It’s my little draft bump buddy.

Dean, MT

home sweet home

It’s 30 degrees at TWS this morning but I’m toasty with my heater, oatmeal & coffee in my awesome Aerovault! Not many folks here last night – go figure. Scotch and cigar with last nights’ full moon and an outdoor propane heater was peaceful.

All the best!

i've never seen anything like this trailer before

I was towing it to a race last Thursday and passed this tour bus. I noticed all the tourists had come to my side. They were waving and giving me the thumbs up sign. I thought they must really like my car and then I realized they can’t see my car… they love my Aerovault!

Pat, NV

Monterey Historics

I was packing up our booth at the Monterey Historics when a man walked up to me and said: “I’ve been told you own that little silver trailer out there. I’m sorry to say I ran my 18 wheeler into it”. I smiled and said I was pretty sure he’d taken the worst of it. With a big smile of relief erupting across his face he said: “Yes ma’am! You’ve just got some red paint on yours and I’ve got a big dent in mine.”

Gayle, NV

awesome, awesome, awesome!

With my previous trailer I had to tow at 65 mph or less or the gearing on my truck would kick down, killing my mileage. With my Aerovault I can now tow faster and still get 35% better fuel mileage than with my other trailer or I can go the same 65 mph and get 56% better fuel mileage. Good design and engineering really work. My dad always told me, “Buy it right or buy it twice!”

Fred, AZ

Early spring freak ice storm

While cruising along the highway in KY, I watched two cars only a few lengths directly in front of me spin into one another, then each leave the road on their respective sides. After the emergency swerve, I looked in the mirror and waited for the trailer to start wagging…. it didn’t! I was astounded to NOT have lost it on that same black ice. All drivers were ok, but both cars were likely total losses. I was alive and well and unscathed.

Aerovault is the build quality

One of the reasons I got an Aerovault is the build quality. If you look at the welds they are exceptional. The thickness of the material shows it’s going to be there a long time.

Brian, KS

made money getting the Aerovault

I made money getting the Aerovault by selling a rough riding 2013 ¾ ton truck I drove 8 times a year and a Featherlite trailer. Now I borrow my wife’s suv on the weekends to tow my Aerovault!

Hank, SC

we arrived refreshed in Bozeman in good order

1200 miles straight through in 18hrs with intermittent snow. Trailer was big hit. Very happy.

Jeff, MT

you guys were 100 percent right!

The Aerovault tows like there’s nothing there. I could not detect any inputs from the trailer being transferred to my tow vehicle. Even passing big rigs at 70 mph I couldn’t feel the air disturbances that I always had with my previous trailers. Peter really knows his stuff.

Ernie, CA

i called to give you some feedback on this trailer

It’s the best trailer I’ve ever towed and I’ve towed a lot! All through AZ we drove through severe weather with 40 to 50 mph crosswinds. I didn’t feel the Aerovault twitch even once.

Chris, Professional Transporter

to begin, it is unfair to call it a trailer

It is a work of art both aesthetically and practically. Incredible how you thought through what owners need. Perfect, Just Perfect!

Dennis, WA

great to be part of the aerovault family

As far as the product goes: wow! I was excited to pull it home, but it exceeded my expectations! From the moment I moved forward onto the street, and felt no slack in the hitch connection, I knew it was going to be a great drive. There was no exaggeration in your description of the aerodynamic benefits. The Aerovault is more than a trailer for carrying things, it’s an aerodynamic device which improves how the tow vehicle handles; a total pleasure to drive home.

-Mark M,