Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Tire pressure monitoring systems have evolved pretty far since we first started offering the Aerovault MKI.

The system we’ve gotten hooked on is the Tire Minder. This is the most sophisticated system we’ve seen with a valve stem monitor (which we’ve tested under the standard moon wheel covers) that can monitor up to four tires for tire pressure and temperature.



The solar, wireless monitoring display goes in the cab of your tow vehicle. You can program in alerts (e.g., what tire pressure you want to be alerted to).

We became hooked on this system while testing it on a cross-country tow. We thought of it mainly as telling us when we needed to air tires and warn us an issue while towing. What we hadn’t expected was how much more we learned by knowing tire pressure and temps in real-time. When we saw the front two tires of our trailer were running higher temps than the rears we knew we didn’t have the trailer level (even though visually it looked level). After adjusting the tow vehicle’s ball up an inch we achieved perfect balance, seeing similar temps and pressures on all four tires. Imagine being able to determine setup on your trailer just like your car. It’s a racer’s dream.

Speaking of Moon Discs, with this monitoring system you never need to remove a wheel cover to check tire pressure! The Tire Minder system comes with four tire pressure monitor sensors with locks, the solar-powered, wireless in-cab monitor, and a car charger.