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Henderson, NV – October 30, 2017


World reknown automotive designer Peter Brock’s aerodynamic Aerovault trailers have been described as the paradigm shift to trailers just as his designs that became the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray and the World Championship Daytona Cobra Coupe were to the automotive industry. The United States Patent and Trademark Office agreed, granting both utility and design patents for Brock’s breakthrough semi-monocoque Aerovault trailers.


Built since 2008 but never able to produce them in sufficient quantity to fill customer demand, Aerovault LLC was never able to satisfy requests by dealers to offer Aerovaults themselves. In 2015 Aerovault’s new manufacturing facility in Henderson, NV began producing Aerovault trailers in the quantity needed to eliminate backlogs. With its 100th Aerovault produced this month the wait is over!


Aerovault also just unveiled it’s new MKII T (tall) model with an additional 11” in tailgate clearance to accommodate even small SUVs such as the Porsche Macan, lowered hot rod trucks, UTVs and early classics such as one owner’s 1936 Pontiac.

With additional capacity and product models, Aerovault has now opened up the opportunity for quality automotive dealers and shops to become Aerovault dealers. Aerovaults are not handled by typical trailer dealers as they are commodity sellers, as most trailers are commodity products. The Aerovault is best handled by dealers who have an automotive clientele that value quality. Beyond it’s truly aerodynamic design and quality construction, every Aerovault comes fully featured with items such as N speed rated tires (87mph), a fully skinned underside (bellypan), winch with remote control fob and more. There are several opportunities for dealers and shops to increase their service offerings and revenue with Aerovaults.


Concierge Services: High-end automotive dealers are already using Aerovaults for Concierge services to deliver to customers newly purchased vehicles and pick-up and deliver vehicles for service. View one dealer’s concierge services video here (at bottom of page).


Rentals: Another unique revenue opportunity for dealers are Aerovault rentals. Many dealers have customers who want to take their special car(s) to annual events but don’t require enough use to justify buying their own trailer. There are also customers who live in densley populated areas that have no space to park a trailer. Rent Aerovaults on their own, or incease revenue even further by renting the package: Tow vehicle and Aerovault, connected and ready to go.


Sales: The obvious benefit to being an Aerovault dealer is to sell Aerovaults and accompanying high-end accessories such as tire pressure monitoring systems and a proactive GPS alert and tracking system.


Affinity/referrral program: Even if being a dealer is not the right fit, a dealer or shop can benefit financially with the Aerovault affinity/referrral program.


For additional information on dealer opportunities call Aerovault President, Gayle Brock, at 702-843-5320 or e-mail Details on the Aerovault’s unique design, quality construction, specfications and customer testimonials can be found here


About Aerovault The first Aerovault was designed and built as Peter Brock’s personal single car hauler in early 2008. Immediately others who saw it said it was exactly what they needed. Having been a business executive in the corporate world for decades, Brock’s wife Gayle, recognized the uniqueness and value of the Aerovault and founded Aerovault LLC in order to offer the special Aerovault trailer to others. In 2012 the company moved from Redmond, WA to Henderson, NV to create a manufacturing facility that could produce Aerovaults in the quantity needed to satisfy customer and automotive dealer demand. Aerovault LLC’s quality products and positive business ethics are regularly recognized by the City of Henderson and State of Nevada with awards such as: 2012 Best New Business, 2017 Best Trailer Manufacturer, and requests for Gayle to represent manufacturing in Nevada at speaking events and panels.

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