Battery Charger with adapter for CTEK Indicator Panel




For Aerovaults equipped with the CTEK battery indicator panel.


As car people, we know the value of keeping a vehicle’s battery charged. And as much as we love and use our trailer, and the tow vehicle charges the battery when connected, we sometimes don’t tow it often enough to ensure the battery has a full charge every time we go to use it (especially after a winter of rest). Some of the features of this CTEK charger:


  • Charges batteries up to 110AH. Maintains larger batteries up to 160AH.
  • Unique reconditioning mode
  • Built-in temperature sensing capabilities
  • AGM and new EFB (enhanced flooded battery) battery charging capability
  • 8 step charging program
  • Completely sealed unit
  • Spark proof and reverse-polarity protected
    clean voltage & current
  • Premium input and output cable with robust strain relief
    5-year warranty


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