LT-Model Custom Protective Cover



Many Aerovault owners have asked for a cover that matches the quality and functionality of the Aerovault itself. After 11 months of design, fabric selection, feature selection, testing, fitting and more testing, a custom Aerovault cover is now available.
• Custom-fit to your uniquely shaped Aerovault (LT-Model).
• Covers are an attractive Aerovault silver with the logo upfront so even when covered people will know you have the best car hauler available.
• Your Aerovault remains accessible while covered with two zippered door openings: One full-size tailgate opening at the back and the other at the driver’s side door. Zippers have a fabric backing to ensure they don’t scratch your Aerovault. Once unzipped the door material rolls up and is secured to whatever height you want with Velcro straps.
• Even though the fit is perfect, elastic ends and grommets allow you to tie-down the bottom edges to ensure harsh weather won’t adjust the fit.
• The right fabric is key for an Aerovault cover. Aluminum needs to breathe. If moisture is trapped against aluminum for a period of time, it can cause what is called “white rust”. The Aerovault custom cover is made of the patented Sunbrella material that provides the best breathability possible in an all-weather outdoor cover. While breathing, the cover protects your Aerovault against rain, dirt/dust, bird droppings and UV damage. The cover also protects against snow but if the snow sits on your cover for a period of time, it may hinder the cover’s breathability so you want to remove snow from the cover as soon as feasible.
• The cover itself is also mildew and mold resistant and is a medium weight so when not in use it rolls up into a fairly compact size.
• What’s another indication of quality? The Warranty. This cover has a 6 year! limited warranty for defects in material and workmanship & against the fabric becoming unserviceable. The manufacturer will repair or replace the cover after factory inspection.
• Below is the manufacturer’s rating of Sunbrella material covers:

WARNING: Cancer –


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